Location of Farms

JNKVV has 1207.48 ha of cultivated land available for research and seed production activities. Out of this, around 828.08 ha of land is being put under the seed production, mainly at the following research stations: (i) ZARS, Jabalpur (ii) ZARS, Rewa (iii) ZARS, Powarkheda (iv) ZARS, Tikamgarh etc. These centers are adequately equipped for seed production. There is need to accelerate the pace of farm mechanization, improve seed processing, irrigation and storage facilities at other production centers. Production and management of quality seed is one of the major activity of JNKVV. In all, 30 farms are in operation covering six agro-climatic zones.

S. No Farm location and Controlling unit Name of Incharge Farm Contact Number
1 ZARS, Chhindwara, District-Chhindwara Dr. A.K. Mahajan 9479648234
2 Mohgaon, District-Chhindwara Dr. A.K. Mahajan 9479648234
3 Tendani, District-Chhindwara Dr. A.K. Mahajan 9479648234
4 RARS, Dindori, District- Dindori Dr. D.N. Shrivash 9424688898
5 DHRTC Garhakota, District- Sagar Dr. Vikas Gupta 9893016099
6 College Farm Ganjbasoda, District-Vidisha Dr. P.K. Mishra 9977651512
7 BSP (FC) Jabalpur, District- Jabalpur Dr. R.S. Shukla 9424676727
8 BSP(GN) Jabalpur, District- Jabalpur Dr. B.D. Ghode 9424677473
9 BSP(Soy ) Jabalpur, District- Jabalpur Dr. S.K. Singh 7000030929
10 BSP(Veg) Jabalpur, District- Jabalpur Dr. S.K. Singh 9407884019
11 ARS, Kuthulia, District- Rewa Dr. S.M. Kurmwanshi 9827013466
12 ZARS, Powarkheda, District- Hosangabad Mr. AnsinghNinama 9669848248
13 College Farm Rewa, District- Rewa Dr. Md. GufranUsmani 8357863131
14 RARS Sagar, District-Sagar Dr. D. K. Payasi 9826144887
15 College Farm Tikamgarh, District-Tikamgarh Dr. P. K. Tyagi 7000829296
16 RARS, Waraseoni, District-Balaghat Dr. N.K. Bisen 9424866714
17 Sugarcane Research Station, Bohani, District- Narsinghpur Dr. Ramesh Amule 9893995746
18 ORAI Mandla, District Mandla Dr. Vishal Meshram 9424735273
19 KVK Badgaon, DistrictBalaghat Dr. B.K. Prajapati 09012012068
20 KVK Betul, DistrictBetul Dr. V. K. Verma 9425637718
21 KVK Damoh, DistrictDamoh Dr. Rajesh Kumar Dwivedi 9993532337
22 KVK Harda, DistrictHarda Ku. PushpaJharia 9009801134
23 KVK Katni, District Katni Dr. KeshavDwivedi 7000603650
24 KVK Mandla, District Mandla Dr. Vishal Meshram 9424735273
25 KVK Narsinghpur, District Narsinghpur Dr. S. R. Shrama 9977244254
26 KVK Nawgaon, DistrictChatarpur Dr. Gyan Chandra Ojha 9340436143
27 KVK Panna, DistrictPanna Dr. R.V. Singh 9752824476
28 KVK Seoni, DistrictSeoni Dr. N. K. Singh 9981828648
29 KVK Sidhi, DistrictSidhi Dr. Dhananjay Singh 9424641061
30 KVK Umaria, District Umaria Dr. K. P. Tiwari 9425888060