About Directorate of Farms

Looking to the necessity and importance of quality seed and planting materials JNKVV established Directorate of Farms during the year 1987 headed by Director, to utilize the on-farm resources to produce quality planting material of improved varieties developed at JNKVV as well as of the recommended National varieties suitable for Madhya Pradesh. This directorate is responsible for farm planning, production, marketing and quality assurance of seeds/saplings through effective coordination of State/National seed developmental agencies and by developing organizational-operational frame work with dedicated team of plant breeders, Seed technologists, Seed production experts, agronomists and Administrative Officer (Farms) and other associated staff of Directorate. The programmes are very well organized to meet the expectations of Seed Industry in the country through a well knit and action oriented network and infrastructure.

The importance of good seed was realized by the Indian farmers right from the inception of agriculture developmental programmes in the country. Report of the Royal Commission on Agriculture led to improvement in research and the evolution of new varieties, but the progress in seed multiplication could not keep pace with the quality seed demands. Investment on plant breeding research would be of little value for the farmers unless he gets seeds which are genetically pure and posses desirable qualities like high germinability, physical purity, vigor, seed health etc. Seeds of assured quality respond to fertilizers and other inputs. In the process of seed production, attention must be given to maintain the genetic purity and other qualities to exploit the full yield potential.